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Make Karrier
Model Gamecock WAAS515
Type 5 ton Yorkshire 800 gallon gully emptying tanker
Body Builder Yorkshire Equipment
Use Gulley Emptier
Registration Number ALB 997B
Fleet Number 19350 (ALB 997B) 1964
Date of picture September 1964

This is vehicle classed as a mechanical aid



For removing silt from carriageway boxes and manholes.

General description
The unit is mounted on a Karrier 5 ton chassis and comprises an 800 gallon tank, vacuum pump, auxiliary water pump, suction pipe and associated hose. The tank is divided into three compartments. The front compartment carries clean water for the vacuum pump. Water in centre compartment is used for washing down manholes. The rear compartment which is divided by a pusher plate, receives the silt collected from the manholes.

Means are provided for connecting the re-sealing and sludge compartments together to make a large capacity tank for clean water, when necessary.

A hydraulic ram is fitted horizontally in the centre of the clean water compartment and extends towards the rear of the tank to squeeze the silt by means of the pusher plate. A full bore rear door is provided on the tank. The door has two 3 in. valves fitted. The top one is an inlet for dirty water and the bottom one is an outlet. When the rear compartment is full of compressed silt it can be pushed out of the end of the tank by means of the ram and pusher plate at some approved tipping place.

The vacuum pump is driven from a P.T.O. on the main gearbox of the vehicle engine and is used to create a vacuum in the tank which enables silt to be drawn up into the tank via the suction pipe.

The auxiliary water pump provides a high pressure jet of water for loosening up compacted silt in manholes prior to using the suction pipe.

Length 20 ft. 2 in.
Width 7 ft. 6 in.
Height 11 ft. 8 in.

5 tons 3 qtrs., unladen.

Maximum permissible speed on the Public Highway - 40 m.p.h.

Capital cost
£3,020 approx.

This Mechanical Aid is an N.R.B. item and should be obtained via the Mechanical Aids Annual Estimates procedure.

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Last revised: May 03, 2023