AEP 332 Type

Some of these may be found in the UK and they are more or less the same as a BPO 332 telephone.  The handset handle and top of the telephone case are marked AEP or even ATM?.  These phones were used in Portugal, with some produced in the UK and some produced in Portugal.  They were marketed by “The Anglo-Portuguese Telephone Co., Lda.” a.k.a. "Companhia dos Telefones".

Little is known about AEP telephones, but they appear to be standard BPO 332 models with the AEP logo embossed into the handle and with locally produced parts substituted, as production picked up. Some have been seen with Aptophone moulded into the case.  AEP decided not to use the drawer so their phones have a flat base plate, but did retain the standard internal chassis.  Occasionally they have been found with dimples in the plastic dial fingerplate rather than the usual holes. This dial was made by ATM, but normally the dial would be the standard ATM type 24.

The phone below has a circuit diagram number of L530301 and called a Telephone 332 Mark 1.  This is the same diagram as the ATM L11566 telephone.  This diagram is an exact copy of the BPO N432 circuit diagram for the Telephone No. 332.  A Mark 1 300 type telephone means it has the earlier Receiver Inset No. 1L but as some of the AEP phones are dated 1957 and this is confusing as the Mark 2 was in production in the UK at that time.

Most of the diagram components are labelled as ATM with the Handset and Bell ringer being made locally.

This telephone can be converted to work on the UK plug and socket system, just convert as per the GPO No. 332.  Click here for conversion details.

There is also another circuit diagram - C110.000.  This looks like a simple diagram from the AEP factory.  This is also a copy of the BPO N432 circuit diagram for the Telephone No. 332.

Made in 1954


Made in 1957


Circuit Diagrams

Circuit diagram - L530301


Circuit diagram - C110.000

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