No. 705 Armoured

Boxes Coin Collecting No. 705.  This is the latter armoured version, shown mounted on a street pillar (nice if it's raining!).  Originally coloured grey, the later ones were painted black.

The earlier 705 was easy to break into and this armoured version was fitted throughout the country to combat the growing cash box thefts.

The back plate and cash compartment where known as the Compartment cash No. 3E.  The top cover was called the Cover No. 50C (see below).

The engineering cover Lock No. 39 was replaced by the Lock No. 42.  The cash container was replaced with a different model, but the Lock No. 6 remained.

It used the original Bellset, but this was replaced later with a cost reduced model based on the telephone No. 746 printed circuit board.

The handset is fitted with a heavy duty plastic cord and the earpiece and mouthpiece are riveted to prevent theft.  Later dials had a dial label cover made of unbreakable plastic and this was fixed by a central screw that could only be removed with an Allen key.

A special coin slot cover, the Label 511, was also produced and this was used to cover the coin slot hole when the mechanism was removed.


The pictures below are dated 1970

Mechanism in situ

Mechanism removed showing connector plug

Temporary display board


Label 511
Generally fitted when a kiosk is being taken out of service and when the mechanism is removed.
Fits over the money slot hole.

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