Do not be confused between a Bell and Bellset as they are two entirely different things.

This is just a bell and includes no other active components, such as inductive coils or transformers.  The bell mechanism can be in a container (i.e. wooden box) or exposed.

Because it is a bell only it CANNOT be used as a direct replacement for a Bellset No. 1 or 25 which have active components.

Therefore it should NOT be used as the only Bellset on any Candlestick or Telephone No. 162.  It can, however, be used as a simple extension bell.


A Bellset will generally always include a bell and other items such as induction coils, relays etc.  Early table phones where produced with no induction coils or bells inside them and a Bellset was one of the ways to provide these components.

A Bellset can always be used in place of a Bell.  Just connect to the Bell coils only, leaving the active components redundant.


Be careful when buying Bellsets for Bakelite telephones.  Check out the page, on this web site, for the telephone in question and this should clarify the type of Bellset you require.

No matter what anybody tells you - the above statements are correct!



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Last revised: February 26, 2022