Wooden boxed magneto bell with two external gongs used with C.B. table telephones..

Complete with capacitor, 1000 ohm ringer and two winding induction coil.

Generally used with Telephones No. 2, No. 10 and No. 150 etc (Candlestick telephones).

Bellset No. 1 with Bias Spring, was also available for Telephones No. 76, No. 82 and No. 124.  This variant used a "Bell No. 1A, unmounted, with Bias Spring" as the ringing mechanism.  Probably marked "BS" on the rear of the case.

Click here for more information on Bias Springs.

Do not confuse with a Bell No. 1A which is a smaller case and only comprises of a bell ringer.

By 1946 this Bellset was superseded by Bellset No. 25.

Bellset No. 1 Mark 235

Identifying a Bellset No. 1



Includes Blank 234/5 NT10 NT12 NT19
Bells No. 1, unmounted 1 1 - - -
Bells No. 11, unmounted - - 1 1 -
Bells NT No. 1002A - - - - 1
Coils Induction No. 3 or 14 - - 1 1 1
Coils Induction No. 4 or 14 1 1 - - -
Condensers MC No. 2 or 30 1 - - 1 1
Condensers MC No. 3 or 30 - 1 - - -
Condensers MC No. 6 - - 1 - -
Bell Gong No. 2 - - 2 2 -
Bell Gong No. 3 (Aluminium) - - 2 2 -

Taken from the GPO Rate Book (1928)


Adjustment of Magneto bells

Click here for the difference between a Bell and a Bellset

Pictures showing Bellset No. 1 with the capacitor (bottom of left hand picture)
and the Coil Induction No. 4 (above the capacitor)


Bellset No. 1 Mark 234.  The capacitor is mounted on the Bellset door.
The wiring is connected to the main body through the hinges.
The Bell ringer is fitted with a bias spring.


Picture of Bellset No. 1 Mark 235 with Coil Induction No. 18
This Bellset has most probably been factory refurbished by the GPO as the Induction coil is of the
later type and the terminals are on the base, instead of on the bottom of the front casing.
Note the second paster diagram, pasted over the original paster


Early Bellset No. 1

These Bellsets below are early examples, they can be GPO or NTL examples.
The capacitor in both styles, fits inside the base.

Front View Internal View


Front view showing diagram and latch
Close up of terminals

Bellset No. 1 with door lock

Front view of the case and to the left is the capacitor which has been removed from the base.
View of the base showing where the capacitor fitted.  The lower fixing clip is missing.
Inside the Bellset showing Induction coil and bell ringer

Bellset No. 1 with door lock
Ericsson (1909)


An unusual layout



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