BELL No. 1A & BELL No. 1A Unmounted

Wall mounted, wooden cased bell box.  The bell box comprises of a 1000 ohm magneto ringer, 16c/s only (AC) and two bell gongs (2.5" / 64mm).

Two variants were produced, one with a bias spring and one without.

The Bell ringer mechanism is called a "Bell No. 1A, Unmounted" and this, on it's own, is generally fitted to most wooden wall phones and Bellsets.  This Bell ringer was also produced with a Bias Spring and called the "Bell No. 1A, unmounted, with Bias Spring".

The Bell No. 1 was introduced circa 1913, whilst the Bell No. 1A, Unmounted was introduced circa 1909.

The housing is called a Case No. 3.

Dimensions - 8 inches high by 6¾ inches across.

The Buzzer No. 1 is exactly the same except that the bell gongs and clapper arm on the ringer are not fitted.

Click here for more information on Bias Springs.

Normally fitted with matched bell gongs, but where a distinctive tone is required, the following combination of 2.5in gongs can be used:-
Bells-gongs No. 2 - Nickelled or oxidised.
Bells-gongs No. 2A - Nickelled or oxidised.
Bells-gongs No. 3 - Aluminium.
Bells-gongs No. 17 - Steel or bronzed with concentric hole.
Bells-gongs No. 12 - Cow gongs - cannot be fitted to Bells Nos. 1A or 59A.

This is a bell only and has no induction coil or other components.  Because of this it CANNOT be used as a direct replacement for a Bellset No. 1 or 25.

Therefore it should NOT be used as the only Bellset on any Candlestick or Telephone No. 162.  It can, however, be used as a simple extension bell.

Superseded by Bell No. 59A.

Drawing - 1796.

Drawing - 62933 (unmounted Mk 234).

British Ericsson (ETL) produced some of these bells and their part number was N3100T.

Adjustment of Magneto bells

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How to wire your Bell No. 1A to work on a modern telephone sockets as a bell only

  1. Remove the metal link between terminals 2 and 3 and insert a 3.3K resistor.
  2. Obtain a spade ended line cord.
  3. Connect the white wire of the line cord to terminal 1.
  4. Connect the blue wire of the line cord to terminal 4.

Bell No. 1A Unmounted

Bell No. 1A, unmounted


Bell No. 1A, unmounted, with Bias Spring


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