eric6.gif (7121 bytes)ERICSSON TELEPHONE No. AB 125

Type AB 125

ab125.jpg (8928 bytes)

Magneto Wall Telephone

FRAMEWORK, polished walnut with exterior metal parts nickel plated.

MICRO-TELEPHONE. RE 4000 (Old No. 532), with cord RS 6000, suspended on a detachable hook-switch.

GENERATOR. RH 2750, 2-magnet, which rings satisfactorily through a line resistance of 5000 ohms.

RINGER. 1000 ohms resistance.

Overall dimensions (ins)
Height 9.25
Width 7
Depth 5

Weight, 5.95 lbs.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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Last revised: July 14, 2002