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Wall telephone and sounder combined for use on telegraph lines

AB 5100 (Old Catalogue No. 855)
This instrument is intended for telegraphic as well as telephonic communication, the latter by means of the buzzer, and can be used for either single or metallic circuits. The buzzer is used for calling.

When a metallic circuit is used, the two sides of the line are connected to the terminals L1, L2, but when a single line circuit is used, the line is connected to the terminal L1, terminal J1 is connected by means of a "strap" to J and terminal L2 is not connected.

Framework polished walnut.
Micro-telephone RE 6010 with cord RS 8001 (No. 2142) suspended on fixed hook.
Buzzer with condenser & press button for giving buzzer signals.
Howler for receiving buzzer signals.
2 Line condensers.

Height of Backboard: 260mm.
Width of Backboard: 150mm.

Weight: 2.2 kg.

In both the 1905, 1911, 1912 and 1923 Ericsson Telephone Catalogue

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