ASA 101

The Ericsson made ASA 101 is an internal telephone or intercom system. It uses special Ericsson telephones that are available as table or wall models.

The system comes in three sizes:-
ASA 101 02 - (with rack BVD 110 401) up to 50 extns.

ASA 101 03 - (with circuit board BFL 310) up to 200 (300) extns.

ASA 101 04 - with up to 16 exchange units interconnected via an optical fibre link to form a large exchange. This can have 3200 (4800) extns.


This system uses the DEE 401 type of extension intercom unit (shown below).

dee401.jpg (14215 bytes)


See also for the latest range.


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Last revised: July 19, 2007