BC 2052
Battery ringing table telephone

Microtelephone RE 1036 of black Bakelite with removable capsule transmitter RC 4000/40, 40 ohm, and cord RS 5080, DC bell RA 610/4.5, 40 ohm, terminal block RK 8000/6, instrument cord RS 6163, press button for signalling, case of black Bakelite.

Height 118 mm, width 233 mm, depth 150 mm, weight 1.7 kg.

This telephone can be used in connection with BC 1303 and BC 2052 and requires two dry cells. If the distance between the telephones is great an additional dry cell RK 210 is required, but it should be observed that two dry cells only may be connected to the microphone circuit. A suit able battery case is RK 2300 for two and RK 2310 for three dry cells.

By means of bracket RK 5005 this telephone may be used as wall set.


Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 (1934)

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Last revised: September 30, 2019