C.B. Switchboards

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No. 1 Type is designed for exchanges where the equipment desired is over 2000 subscribers' lines, or where the equipment is anticipated to exceed 2000 lines within a certain number of years.

The switchboard consists of 3-position, 8-panel sections, and the subscribers' lines are multipled every 8 or 9 panels, as desired, while the outgoing junctions are usually multipled every 6 panels.

In exchanges where the number of incoming junctions is comparatively small, the sections accommodating them are lined up with the subscribers' sections, but in very large exchanges the incoming junction sections form a separate line of boards having a 6-panel multiple.

The sections are constructed of mild steel faced with high-class polished woodwork and are closed in at the rear by sliding doors. The pilot lamp rails, plug shelves and keyboards are covered with hard fibre.

The normal capacity is 7200 subscribers' lines with an 8-panel multiple, but the top moulding is so arranged that part can be removed (when required) and thus increase the capacity by 1600 lines. With a 9-panel multiple the total ultimate capacity is 9900 lines.

Fireproof bulkheads and partitions are fitted when desired and ordered.

Dimensions of section:-
Height 6 ft. 8 in.
width 5 ft. 8 in.
depth 4 ft. 0 in.

Separate main and intermediate distribution frames are supplied with this type of equipment.

The sections, frames, racks and desks are designed on the expanding principle, so that additions may be readily added from time to time without interrupting the service.

We manufacture and supply all types of desks, suitably equipped, to meet all services.

The necessary miscellaneous circuits and apparatus, such as night alarm, pilots, order wires, tones, service, listening-in taps, etc., are provided.

A complete power plant is supplied with each exchange. The machines and batteries are of the first-grade and highest efficiency, being made to our specifications. The power boards and fuse boards are made by us and embody only the highest-grade and latest types of instruments, switches, etc.

Complete equipment's are made for either 24-volt or 40-volt working, but the summation of advantages is in favour of the latter which we strongly recommend.

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CB 1 MDF      

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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