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C.B. Switchboards

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No. 10 Type
is designed for an ultimate capacity of 2000 subscribers' lines, and the switchboard consists of 1-position,
2-panel sections, having the lines multipled every 4 panels, i.e., every 2 sections, so that each operator has access to any subscriber's line.

The sections are constructed of mild steel, faced with polished woodwork and closed in at the rear by a lift-out door. The pilot lamp rails, plug shelves, and keyboards are covered with hard fibre. Each section has capacity for 200 calling lamps and answering jacks, 160 outgoing junction and miscellaneous circuit jacks, 1000 multiple jacks and 17 cord circuits on subscribers' sections, or 33 plug-ended junction cord circuits on incoming junction sections.

Dimensions of section :-
Height 6 ft. 4 in
width 1 ft. 11 in.
depth 3 ft. 5 in.

For this type of equipment it is the standard practice to supply a combined main and intermediate distribution frame, which is more economical in cabling and occupies less floor space than separate frames. The latter can, however, be supplied if desired.

Note - Where an ultimate equipment of more than 2000 subscribers' lines is anticipated, but local conditions do not permit the use of the No. 1 type, the subscribers' lines are multipled every 6 panels, thereby giving an ultimate capacity of 3000 lines.

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     CB 10 MDF

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CB 10 Monitoring position     

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      CB 10 power plant

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CB 10 supervisors desk  

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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