All British Ericsson products had a product code number and this is generally found on the bottom or rear of the item. 

The wiring diagram found inside all Ericsson products has a number, which may start with an N - this is the diagram number and NOT the product code.  Use the Ericsson telephone spreadsheet to cross reference the product code to the diagram number.

The early product codes were just numbers only. i.e. 340.
The early 20th Century models had a letter or letters prefixing a number. i.e. CD2000
The N series products were introduced around the 1920's and this lasted until the 1970's.  i.e. N1003.

The N series normally had a suffix made up of letters and numbers.  i.e. N1440E1.
N1440 is the code/model number, E is the revision and 1 is a variation, such as the casing colour and/or the company they were supplying the items too.
In this case the model N1440E1 is a N1440 telephone, revision E, in black, with a regulator, made for Lever Bros.

To find out specific variations, one has to refer to the Ericsson factory documentation.  Some models had around 100 variations - too many to list here and many are unknown.

Tropical versions of any N series item have a T at the end of the code number.

During the late 1970's the code numbers changed to all number codes separated by slashes. i.e. 617/1/02188.  This series was used by Plessey and GPT as well.

Model Suffixes

E Normal
F Bell Volume Control
H Crown Agents Specification
J H and F Combined

Colour Suffixes (Mouldings and Piece Parts)

Suffix Colour   Suffix Colour
01 Black   19 Kashmir Beige
02 Ivory   20 Alice Blue
03 Lacquer Red   21 Rose Grey
04 Topaz   23 Aqua Jade
05 Concord Blue   24 Dusky Pink
06 Elephant Grey   30 Pale Pink Beige
07 Forest Green   31 Hemp Beige
08 French Grey   32 Lava Green
09 Aircraft Grey-Green   33 Silver Grey
10 Transparent   34 Loam Brown
14 Light Biscuit   35 Ilex Green

Material Suffixes (Mouldings and Piece Parts)

A Diakon
B Polystrene
E Cycovin
F Toughened Polystyrene


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Last revised: December 26, 2023