All British Ericsson products had a code number.  The wiring diagram found in all Ericsson products has a number - this is the diagram number and not the product code.  Use the Ericsson spreadsheet to cross reference the diagram number to product code.

The early products were just numbers only. i.e. 340
The early 20th Century models had a letter or letters prefixing a number. i.e. CD2000
The N series was introduced around the 1920's and this lasted until the 1970's.  i.e. N1003

The N series normally had a suffix made up of letters and numbers.  i.e. N1440E1
N1440 is the code/model number, E is the revision and 1 is a variation from the standard N1440E.
In this case the model N1440E1 is a N1440 telephone, revision E, in black, with a regulator, made for Lever Bros.

To find out specific variations, one has to refer to the Ericsson factory documentation.  Some models had around 100 variations - too many to list here.

Tropical versions of any N series model have a T at the end of the code number.

During the late 1970's the code numbers changed to all number codes separated by slashes. i.e. 617/1/02188.  This series was used for Plessey and GPT telephone systems as well.


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Last revised: March 06, 2011