This site has a lot of historical information on Ericsson Telephony equipment.  Most of the information relates to British Ericsson, but as L. M. Ericsson (Sweden) owned the company at the beginning of the last Century, then obviously their equipment is mentioned.

The Ericsson pages are split into different sections - Telephones, Switchboards, PMBX and PABX.  A good place to start is the Ericsson main page. But, if you do not know what precise product you want - then this may be the wrong route.

If you know the product section (i.e. telephone) and code number, then go to whatever product it is and search the list for the code number.

If you can only identify the product by a picture, then Quick Find should be helpful.  Go to the Quick Find section and choose the link that best describes your product.

If you only have a circuit diagram number then download the Ericsson Spreadsheet and search for the diagram number (the diagram number does not relate to the product code number!).  Once found, this diagram number will cross reference a code number, which will most probably be found in the product lists.

Australian Ericsson's may be cross referenced in the Aus/NZ cross reference section.


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Last revised: September 30, 2019