No's N100, N120, N140 & N141

C. B.
Table Switchboards Cordless

N100 shown

n100.jpg (10580 bytes)These switchboards are very compact and are designed to be placed on a table or shelf.

They are for use as Private Branch Exchanges in connection with the larger C.B. Public Exchanges.

The woodwork is matt polished and the metal fittings are finished in black and copper bronze.

The connections are made by means of keys, and the broad lines, in different colours, extending right across the keys, indicate more clearly the connections made and thereby eliminate operating errors.

The extension lines are fitted with our totally enclosed self-restoring indicators which also act to give positive supervision. The exchange lines are fitted with our standard hand-restored drop indicators.

A hand generator for calling the extension telephones and a buzzer to give the alarm when an indicator is actuated.

A special feature of these and our larger Branch Exchange Switchboards is the totally enclosed Indicators which prevent damage by operators and also render the boards dust-proof.

Code No.   Extension Lines   Exchange lines   Connecting Circuits
N100   3   1   2
N120   4   2   3
N140   9   3   5
N141   7   3   5

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26

This switchboard was wired so a dial could be connected.  This change was made to all the models in the above table and they can be identified by the prefix "C1".

Diagrams N78857 and N78859 (dated 1952) refer.

The later variants also had a press button, self restore mechanism, on the exchange line indicator.

N100 with "DIT MOD"

n100.jpg (10580 bytes)

Front View


n100.jpg (10580 bytes)

Close up of model number label


n100.jpg (10580 bytes)

Top cover removed


n100.jpg (10580 bytes)

Front cover dropped down exposing indicators and dial connector


n100.jpg (10580 bytes)

Front cover dropped down exposing key wiring



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