C.B. Intercommunication Telephones
CALL AND REPLY (Ordinary System)


n1112a.jpg (7223 bytes)When a particular station in an intercommunication system is remote from the main installation, or when certain stations do not require intercommunication facilities, the call and reply telephone is a very economical proposition, as it enables a considerable saving of multi-conductor cable to be effected.

It is provided as a subsidiary to an intercom type station, as shown in the diagram, and can receive calls from any set in the main system, but can only call the station to which it is subsidiary.

These modern-style moulded instruments can be supplied in either black or ivory and are very reliable. They are compact and neat in appearance, having smoothly rounded contours and highly polished surfaces free of dust-harbouring ledges.

The interior apparatus is mounted on the metal base plate which can be removed from the case to facilitate maintenance or adjustments.

A desk cord and associated moulded terminal block for the connection of the line wires, are supplied with the instrument.

To make a call, the micro-telephone is removed and the push button is pressed to its full extent.

It is retained in an intermediate position to effect the connections necessary for speech, and is automatically released when the micro-telephone is replaced.

Incoming calls operate a buzzer in the instrument and are answered by lifting the micro-telephone.

Dimensions (excluding handset) 6.2 x 7.5 x 4.9 (157 x 189 x 124 mm.)
Total weight : 4.5 lb. (2.043 kg.)

Colour: black or ivory

Taken from the Ericsson (ETL) Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 49


n1112a.jpg (7223 bytes)

Model N1112A3


n1112a.jpg (7223 bytes)

Base of the N1112A3
Note the single circle of holes to allow the sound of the buzzer to be heard


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