Type N1113A

n1113a.jpg (7907 bytes)The two-way battery ringing telephone system has a variety of applications. It may comprise two telephones operating on a call and reply basis between, say, a consultant and receptionist, or between cafe and kitchen, or it may comprise several telephones operating on a code ringing scheme.

To make a call, the handset is lifted and the non-locking push button is pressed. Connection is established as soon as the called person takes up the handset; thus communication is rapidly effected. Incoming calls operate a bell in the instrument.

Central or separate batteries of dry or inert cells may be used but are not supplied unless specially ordered.

The instrument is compact and of pleasing appearance by virtue of the rounded contours of the case and handset.

The case can be lifted off the metal baseplate on which the apparatus is mounted, thus all the parts are accessible for maintenance.

The form of the handset and the design of the telephone circuit ensure high transmission efficiency.

Cradle switch springs are operated by a practically frictionless roller-plunger movement.

Connecting wires and cord conductors are insulated with p.v.c. to ensure freedom from low-insulation faults. Cords are nylon braided.

The moulded desk terminal block contains screw connections for the line and battery wires.

Black is the standard colour for this telephone.

Type No.   Dimensions (packed)   Weight lb. kg.
N1113A   9.5 in. x 9 in. x 6 in. (241 x 229 x 152 mm.)   4.3 (2.16)

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue No. 55

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Last revised: October 02, 2019