Battery Wall Telephone
for use on Telegraph Lines

n1195.jpg (8493 bytes)Suitable for establishing telephonic communication on existing telegraph lines, it may also be used for telegraphing in place of the telegraph instruments, and can be connected to either metallic or earth circuits.

The framework is of polished hardwood, and the fitments are Micro-telephone with cord.

Buzzer, condenser and press-button for sending out buzzer signals.

Receiver, with trumpet which acts as a howler for receiving buzzer signals.

Lightning arrester and connecting terminals.

When used for a metallic circuit, the two lines are connected to "L1", " L2," but for an earth circuit the line is connected to "L1" and is joined to "J" by means of a strap, and connected to earth; L2 being left disconnected.

Micro-telephone N5810
Cord N4012

Overall dimensions 11 x 6 x 6 inches
Weight 5 lb.

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Last revised: October 02, 2019