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n1421a.gif (30409 bytes)This distinctive and pleasing design of wall type telephone follows to a very large extent its prototype the table set, and as it occupies a small amount of space it is ideally suitable where permanent fixing is desired.

The moulded Bakelite casework is gate-hinged on a metal base plate, to which it is fastened by one screw, and the cradle is designed to allow the micro-telephone to be suspended vertically over the front of the instrument during the temporary absence of the user. The interior apparatus, consisting of anti-side-tone induction coil, condenser, ringer, switch and terminals, is mounted as a unit which can be readily removed from the case; alternatively, the case with equipment unit attached, can be lifted off the hinges for maintenance purposes.

The Bakelite micro-telephone is of a type notable for its reception and transmission qualities.

Normally produced in Black, these telephones can also be obtained in Chinese Red, Ivory or Jade Green if specially ordered.

Micro-telephone cord N4021
Inset N7752
Mouthpiece N8634
Receiver N6819
Earpiece N4443
Receiver diaphragm N4400

Code No.   Description   Dimensions   Weight   P.O. No.
N1421A   Black Bakelite wall telephone   8 x 9 x 4   5.5   399

Taken from the Ericsson (ETL) Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 49

For conversion to the UK plug and socket system please follow the link to the Telephone No. 399.

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Last revised: April 10, 2023