The executive who frequently needs to telephone certain persons or departments in the organization will save much time by having a telephone of the type illustrated above. It is a moulded set equipped with push keys by which up to 10 selected extensions may be called without using the dial.

Operation is similar to that of our intercom telephones. A call to a direct line extension is made by lifting the handset and pressing the appropriate button to ring the bell in the distant telephone. At the end of conversation the button is automatically restored to normal when the handset is replaced. No push button operation is necessary to answer incoming calls. These are signalled on a wall mounted extension bell type N3113D, which is supplied with the telephone, and are answered merely by lifting the handset.

The facility for connecting together the executive’s telephone and specified direct call extensions for conference can be given. Equipment for secretarial working can also be provided.

Calls to ordinary extensions are dialled out in the usual manner.

The moulded case is removable from the metal baseplate on which the internal components are mounted, whilst the push-button mechanisms can be removed as a unit, leaving the wired spring banks in position.

Components are protected by special finishes, and the connecting wires are insulated with p.v.c.

A desk cord with multi-point plug and jack is supplied to connect the telephone with the line wires.

Power is supplied from the P.A.X. battery or battery eliminator, as for an ordinary instrument.

These telephones may be used with our 24-volt or 50-volt P.A.X. equipments.

Telephone dimensions = 15.5in x 9.5in x 10in. (394mm x 241mm x 254mm)
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Last revised: October 03, 2019