Magneto Telephones
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This is a one-piece convertible type telephone so arranged that it can be readily altered to work to all kinds of exchange systems, such as, for example, the following:- Ordinary magneto.

Code No. Description
N2185A1T Magneto, condenser in bell circuit
N2185A2T Magneto with loop auto clearing
N2185A3T Magneto, R.S.A.X. earth clear
N2185A4T C.B.S. No. 1
N2185A5T C.B.S. No. 2 and 3
N2185A6T C.B.S. No. 1, Party line
N2185A7T C.B. extension to intermediate
N2185A8T Central battery
N2185A9T Automatic

It therefore provides the most economical proposition, especially for telephone operating concerns, because it does not become redundant with a change of system.

Circuit alterations are readily made internally and the only additional apparatus required is an induction coil for C.B. conditions and a dial for automatic.

Micro-telephone cord N4021
Inset N7752
Mouthpiece N8634
Receiver N6819
Earpiece N4443
Receiver Diaphragm N4400
Generator handle N71541
Terminal Block cord N4324

Diagrams showing the connections for the above systems are provided with each telephone, and on application customers will be supplied with a booklet containing a photograph as illustration above, diagrams, drawings and lists giving the codes of parts used in the instrument, and which will be found invaluable for reference or for ordering spare parts.

Code No.   Description   Dimensions   Weight lb.
N2185A   Equipped for ordinary magneto (Black) 9.5 x 7.25 x 6.75   7.5
N2185A20T Made for Guernsey Post Office (Red) 9.5 x 7.25 x 6.75   7.5


Taken from the Ericsson (ETL) Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 49

Supplied to to Guernsey PTT

n2185a.jpg (10321 bytes)


n2185a.jpg (10321 bytes)


n2185a.jpg (10321 bytes)


n2185a.jpg (10321 bytes)


n2185a.jpg (10321 bytes)



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