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This instrument is the equivalent of the modern Bakelite table set but arranged for wall mounting, and is ideal for indoor use where space is limited.

The casework is of the same neat design as that used for the automatic and C.B. sets and embodies the same new features, i.e. the case is gate-hinged and the cradle construction enables the micro-telephone to be suspended vertically over the front of the instrument.

The interior components, consisting of  "alnico" generator, anti-side-tone induction coil, condenser, ringer, switch and terminals, are mounted as a unit which can be readily removed from the case; alternatively, the case with equipment unit attached can be lifted off the hinges for maintenance purposes.

Sets are available with standard generators or, for long line working, with heavy duty generators.

H.M.T. cord N4021
Receiver N6819
Earpiece N4443
Receiver Diaphragm N4400
Mouthpiece N8634
Generator Handle N71936
Inset N7752

Supplied worldwide (including GEC) in all four, standard colours.

Code No.   Generator   Ringer ohms   Dimensions   Weight lb
N2204A   Standard   1000   8.5 x 9.25 x 4.5   8
N2204B   Heavy Duty   2000   8.5 x 9.25 x 4.5   8.5

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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Introduced circa 1951 - Taken from Diagram N77376 - Telephone N2204A8T.

N2204CA is a similar telephone with a single press button in the casing.  The button is labelled "CALL CENTRAL".

Models found:-
N2204A11T - Seen with an ATM handset.
N2204CA2 - Supplied to Canada - Call button on front of case.
N2204CA3 - Supplied to the USA or Canada - Call button on front of case. No chrome plate around ringer handle entry hole.
N2204AA5 - Supplied to the USA - No call button, but with a US non-spittoon handset.

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Complete Telephone
Telephone with case open for inspection.  The cover is hinged on the left hand side and all the components are fixed to a chassis.
Telephone with chassis removed

See also the GEC ST3131

Additional Pictures

N2204CA2 - View of the Phone
N2204CA3 - View of the Phone
When this instrument was supplied for either the Canadian or US markets it was fitted with a US type F-1 transmitter instead of the Transmitters, Inset No. 13.  In later models the Transmitter used was the US type G-1 (WE 500 series telephone) transmitter. The picture above shows the F-1 transmitter.
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