n1747b.jpg (18062 bytes)Type N22420B shown fitted with direct call keys

 The loudspeaker telephone, containing a sensitive microphone and a loudspeaker, affords the executive complete freedom to make notes or consult records while conversing by telephone.

This highly efficient instrument of elegant design has a natural-finished warm coloured hardwood case with removable back, and stands on a shallow black plinth with rubber feet. The plastic lattice grills and the key mounting plates are bronze finished, whilst the wedge-shaped plastic key handles and the shapely black moulded handset with extensible cord add distinction to the set.

The dial has a stainless steel finger plate.

On the left of the dial are four keys designated respectively “Call and Answer“ / “Increase Volume“ / “Mike Off “ / “Buzzer Off” from left to right, the first having a red handle and an associated red lamp, while the last has a green handle and green lamp. All other key handles are white.

When privacy of reception is desired the handset is used; the action of lifting it from the cradle automatically switches off the loudspeaker.

To call an ordinary extension the red-handled key is pressed and the number dialled. The red lamp glows as a reminder to release the connection when the call is ended.

Up to 20 keys for the direct calling of selected extensions may be equipped as shown in the illustration, the names of persons or departments being written on a paper label in the strip above the keys. To call one of these extensions it is only necessary to press the key of the line concerned.

Incoming calls from any extension operate the buzzer and are answered by pressing the Call and Answer key.

Should secretarial or conference facilities be required, the necessary keys are mounted with the direct call keys.

The conference facility enables specified direct call extensions and the master station to be connected together so that all can hear and be heard.

Connecting wires are insulated with p.v.c. A desk cord with a multi-point plug and jack is provided for line terminations.

The telephone may be used with any of our P.A.X's and is powered from a.c. mains via an amplifier which is a separate unit but is supplied as part of the telephone.

There is no “howling“ on master-to-master station calls when both are using the loudspeaker.

Telephone dimensions = 2.5in x 8.75in x 11.5in (546mm x 213mm x 279mm)
Amplifier dimensions = 8.75in x 11.5in x 7in (222mm x 279mm x 178mm)

Also sold by Shipton as their Series 2 amplifier.

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Last revised: October 07, 2019