n24466a.jpg (9076 bytes)The conventional telephone and its cords occupy desk space which may be required for other purposes. This small pendant telephone, which can be installed on the side of a desk or on a partition, is the ideal alternative for reception areas, booking offices, lifts, corridors and other situations where table space is limited or unavailable.  It is suitable for automatic or C.B. systems and can be fitted with a press button switch for operator recall or shared-service facilities when required. Its transmission characteristics are the same as those of the Etelphone.

The instrument case and Etelphone type handset are tough plastic mouldings; the coiled handset cord is p.v.c. insulated.

Only the cradle switch, and the press button switch (when required), together with screw terminals for the external connecting wires are accommodated in the set; the induction coil, capacitors and automatic regulator are in a separate bell set which also contains screw terminals for the line wires.  The bell-set, which has a plastic moulded snap-on cover, can be installed wherever convenient.

n24465a.jpg (14616 bytes)For auto systems a separate dial unit is provided, suitable for mounting in the knee-hole of a desk as in the illustration. It consists of a metal case, containing a moulded plastic drawer in which a standard dial is inset. Two coiled springs unwind when the drawer is pulled out for use, and automatically retract it into the case when the drawer is raised to the horizontal position. Screw terminals are provided for the connecting wires. The standard colour of the bell unit, dial unit and telephone handset is elephant grey; the telephone case is French grey.

Connecting wires are insulated with p.v.c. which is moisture proof, fire-resistant and not susceptible to fungoid growth or insect attack. The pendant telephone and associated units are available only with standard (not tropical) finish.


Taken from the Plessey Telephone Catalogue (1971)
Publication No.7162

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