SWITCHBOARD No's N564 & N565


N565 shown pictured to the right.

n565.jpg (11310 bytes)Features of this switchboard are its small size, pleasing appearance, the sloping front which facilitates accurate operating, and its convenience for maintenance.

Components have full tropical finish and connecting wires are p.v.c. insulated.

The removable cover is secured by four captive screws. It consists of black or biscuit colour plastic ends and mottled grey-green enamelled aluminium centre sections. The metal base is deep Brunswick green.

When the cover is removed the key and indicator panel can be swung forward to expose the wiring and the parts mounted on the base. Each vertical row of keys can be removed as a unit for spring adjustments.

The keys are new miniature type with plastic wedge-shaped handles which differ in colour for keys of differing functions. An insert of a contrasting colour in the tip of each handle renders operated keys easily discernible.

Indicators are new twin-shutter locking type with dust-excluding plastic windows having a projection at the top which is pressed down to release the indicator.

The 1000 ohm loop type operator's circuit includes a plug-in handset with rocking armature receiver.

A heavy duty rotating magnet generator is provided. Cells for transmitter battery are not supplied unless ordered.

Line wires terminate at screw connections in the board. Alternatively, a desk cord and terminal block can be supplied as extras.

Six and twelve-line boards are available. Both have the same size case. Orders should state Type No., colour of ends and length of desk cord if required, e.g. N.565A (biscuit) with 6 ft. desk cord and block.

Type No.   Line Circuits   Connecting Circuits   Width   Height   Depth   Weight lb. kg.
N564A 6 3 13 in. (330 mm.) 8.25 in. (216 mm.) 13 in. (330 mm.) 16 (7.26)
N565A 12 5   13 in. (330 mm.) 8.25 in. (216 mm.) 13 in. (330 mm.) 19(8.68)

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue No. 55

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Last revised: October 12, 2019