N8428 Magneto Telephones

This equipment comprises a table telephone N8428 type and a separate Alnico magnet generator in case (N8486), together with the necessary connecting cords.

The set is so arranged that it can be readily converted to work to practically all kinds of exchange systems, such as e.g., the following:-

Ordinary magneto switchboards
Magneto with loop auto clearing
Magneto with earth auto clearing
C.B.S. Nos. 1, 2 and 3
Party line, C.B.S. No. 1
Central battery
Magneto, R.S.A.X. earth clear

This combination, therefore, provides a very economical proposition, especially for telephone operating concerns, because it does not become redundant with a change of system.

Diagrams showing the connections for the above systems are provided with each telephone set, and on application customers will be supplied with a booklet of photos, diagrams, drawings and lists giving the codes of every part used in this instrument, and which will be found invaluable for reference or for ordering spare parts.

When required for wall fixing the telephone is mounted on a bracket.

Overall Dimensions - 9.5 x 8 x 6 inches
Weight - 6 lb
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Last revised: October 05, 2019