Automatic Telephones

N 8955

The busy executive will find this loudspeaker instrument a real asset because it enables telephone conversation to be carried on from any part of the office and without engaging either hand, furthermore, direct calling facilities can be included in the instrument, whereby any one of twenty extensions can be called by the flick of a key. Conference facilities can also be provided.

The instrument is of pleasing design and incorporates a micro-telephone which can be used in place of the loudspeaker if secrecy is desired, disconnection of the loudspeaker being automatically effected as soon as the micro-telephone is lifted from the cradle.

Incoming calls operate a buzzer in the set which also contains all the necessary apparatus except a small amplifier, this being located in any convenient place.

The lamp below the dial in the illustration glows when the loudspeaker is switched on.

On either side of the dial are keys and lamps for facilities directly associated with the loudspeaker, e.g., “call and answer” or “buzzer cut-off.” The keys in the base of the instrument are for direct calling, conference working, etc., and are arranged to suit individual requirements.

These sets give satisfactory voice reproduction without howling, even when two master stations are in communication and both are using the loudspeaker.

Orders should specify the code and give full details of the facilities required.

16.25in x 11.25in x 8.5in

15.25 lbs

Also sold by Shipton as their Series 1 and 2.

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Last revised: October 05, 2019