eric6.gif (7121 bytes)ERICSSON TELEPHONE No. O/811


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This instrument is made from the very best materials, and all the working parts are enclosed, so that damp cannot penetrate. An inset transmitter is provided which can be easily replaced without removing any connections.

The receiver is of a specially loud type. The induction coil is fixed to an ebonite base; the screws fixing same also form the connection terminals, so that no loose coil wires are used.

All terminals are mounted on ebonite and are enclosed. The coils are soaked in insulating varnish and all connections are made with rubber covered wire. The switch key is of substantial dimensions and very positive in action. The leading in holes are provided with stuffing glands for receiving the cable. The case is water and gas tight.

O/811. Battery Wall Telephone. For use with external speaking battery.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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Last revised: April 10, 2000