Automatic Switchboards

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PAX 35 Type

These Ericsson Private Automatic Switchboards operate on the register control principle which is in use for public exchanges all over the world, and possess the following characteristics simplicity, reliability, speed and maintenance economy.

PAX 35 is for small establishments and may have an initial equipment as low as 10 lines, further extensions being added as and when required. Provision is made for a maximum of four connecting circuits. The boards operate on 24 volts and are non-extensible beyond the 35 lines.

Dimensions:- 5 feet 3 inches high x 2 feet 1 inch wide x 10 inches deep. 

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 26, Supplement 1935

Click here for an article in the Ericsson Bulletin

In the 1960's this PAX was initially equipped with 20 lines and 3 connectors.

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Last revised: April 18, 2022