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Irish P&T 100D Mark 522

The GEC Gecophone Model 75 was supplied to the Irish P&T as their Telephone No. 100D Mark 522.  The base plate will be labelled 'P&T 100D Mark 522'.  There may even be a manufacturers code and date e.g. C37, which is GEC / 1937.

But, if the telephone went back to the workshop it may be retrofitted with a later Induction Coil the 53269.

The Handset is a Irish P&T Telephone No. 606.

There was also Marks 513, 515 and 520 of which 513 and 520 had no dials fitted.  The 513 and 515 were supplied without cords or terminal blocks.

Diagrams (for 513, 515, 520 and 522)
P&T TX1807 - GEC KS7549 - Uses Induction Coil 42425.
P&T TX2794 - GEC KS10208 - Uses Induction Coil 53269.

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Last revised: September 23, 2022