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No. 5200 TYPE
Capacity:- 25 lines

IF required, the initial equipment of this unit may be for as few as 10 lines, extensions being made as desired up to a maximum of 25.  The unit is enclosed in a dust-proof cover and may be mounted on a table or wall.  A 26 volt D.C. supply is required for talking current and to operate the switches and relays.  A small vibrator included in the unit converts this supply to A.C. for ringing the bells of the telephone instruments.

Each telephone (AC Ringing) is connected to the unit by means of a twin conductor.

Alternatively, use can be made of the loud-speaking telephone or S-10 set (found in Catalogue No 18/2).

Power Plant
A.C. Mains supply up to 250 volts
An "All Mains" unit is provided, or, alternatively, a suitable 26 volt battery and trickle charger may be employed.  The latter is recommended, as it leaves the P.A.X. available in case of mains supply failure, emergencies, etc.

D.C. Mains supply up to 250 volts
Two suitable 26 volt batteries are provided, together with a charging panel fitted with the necessary instruments, switches and fuses to enable one battery to be charged through a resistance while the other is supplying the unit.

26 Volt Rotary System (AC Ringing)

Cat. No. Line Circuits Link Circuits Dimensions
Wiring Equipment Wiring Equipment
5110 25 10 4 2 31 x 21 x 12 119
5115 25 15 4 2 31 x 21 x 12 123
5120 25 20 4 3 31 x 21 x 12 136
5125 25 25 4 3 31 x 21 x 12 139

Taken from the GEC Private Automatic Telephone Exchanges No. 18 (1932) and No. 18/2


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Last revised: November 25, 2021