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No. 5700 and A5700 TYPES
50-line unit, with capacity or extension ad lib

P.A.X. No. 5700 may be supplied initially for less than the total number of lines the unit is capable of serving, and extensions may be made beyond this total by adding further units.  For example, a 100 line exchange is formed by installing two units operating in conjunction with each other.  For extensions above 100 lines, group selector equipment is provided in addition to the line units.

Construction of the unit is very similar to that of P.A.X. No. 5300 type.
Each telephone is connected to the unit by means of a twin conductor.  Alternatively, use can be made of the loud-speaking telephone or S-10.

The A5700 series of P.A.X. units is similar to the 5700 series except that provision is made for a faulty line to be connected automatically to a high resistance relay, the operation of which prevents the seizure of a connecting link.

Power Plant
A.C. Mains supply up to 250 volts:-
An "All Mains" unit is provided up to 50 lines, or, alternatively, and in the case of the larger equipments, a suitable 50-volt battery is supplied together with a rectifier and charging panel.  The latter is recommended, as it leaves the P.A.X. available in case of mains supply failure, emergencies, etc.

D.C. Mains supply up to 250 volts:-
Two suitable 50-volt batteries are provided, together with a control panel fitted with the necessary instruments, switches and fuses to enable one battery to be charged through a resistance while the other is supplying the exchange.


Cat. No. Line Circuits Link Circuits Dimensions
Wiring Equipment Wiring Equipment
5725 50 25 6 3 73 x 31 x 20 500
5730 50 30 6 4 73 x 31 x 20 500
5740 50 40 6 5 73 x 31 x 20 500
5750 50 50 6 6 73 x 31 x 20 500

Taken from the GEC Private Automatic Telephone Exchanges No. 18/3A (undated)


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Last revised: November 25, 2021