Desk Stand

The picture to the right illustrates the Peel-Conner Desk Stand, in which all parts of the circuit are entirely independent of, and insulated from, the body of the Telephone.

The Pillar is made of heavy - gauge solid - drawn Tube, uniform in contour, and finished with our special enamel which will neither flake nor chip under every-day usage. The base is cast iron, and the base cover of pressed steel, finished in a similar manner to the Pillar. The Transmitter is our standard solid back type, mounted on a knuckle joint which permits adjustment to suit the height of user. The Hook Switch and Terminals are mounted on a mild steel stamping, heavily zinc-plated to prevent rusting, which is secured to the base by a special screw that cannot be completely withdrawn. To view contents, merely loosen this screw and lift the Transmitter upwards as shown in the illustration.

Code No. Type Approximate Weight
600 Standard 5-lbs.
601 Tropical 5-lbs.

Bell and Condenser Box
This comprises a Cabinet of our well-known high grade finish, equipped with a C102 one-microfarad Condenser and C100 1000 ohm Ringer with the necessary wiring and terminals for connecting up the two-conductor cord to the line wires.

The Bell and Condenser Box is usually fixed to the side of the desk on which the Desk Stand is to be used, and, as ample length of two-conductor cord is provided for connecting the above to the Desk Stand, the latter can be moved about at will to suit the convenience of the user.

The employment of a two-conductor cord not only reduces maintenance cost, but also renders it impossible for "connecting up" errors to creep in, as it is quite immaterial which conductor of the cord is attached to the A or B Lines.

The overall dimensions of the Cabinet are exactly similar to the Residence Set illustrated below, and the circuits are set out in Fig. 110.

Code No. Type Approximate Weight
920 Standard 3-lbs. 4-ozs.
921 Tropical 3-lbs. 8-ozs.



Central Battery Complete Desk Set


Consisting of Desk Stand with Bell and Condenser Box.
Code No. 140.

Approximate Weight, 8lbs. 4ozs.

The picture to the right illustrates our complete Central Battery Desk Set, which comprises the following equipment:-

Desk Stand
Electro Magnetic Receiver and Cord.
Hook Switch.
Two-way cord for connecting Instrument to Bell and Condenser Box.

Bell & Condenser Box
Best selected American Black Walnut Cabinet.
1000 ohm Ringer.
1 m.f. Condenser.


Central Battery Complete Desk Set

When destined for Tropical Service, our Standard equipment is altered to the following extent:-

Coils: Wound with non-hygroscopic enamel-insulated wire.
Ironwork: Zinc-coated where not otherwise protected.
Instrument Connections: Moisture-proof conductors. Enamel insulation with silk and cotton coverings.
Cords: High-insulation moisture-resisting.
Bell and Condenser Cabinet Work: Old stock teak.

Code No. 141.
Standard Finish. Nickel Plated.
Approximate Weight, 8lbs. 8ozs.



All the information on this page is taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 2 - dated 1911

See also GEC K8165

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