Central Battery Residence Set

This neat and compact Telephone (Figs. 105 and 106) is specially designed to meet requirements where wall space is limited. The Cabinet is made of best selected American Black Walnut, and is equipped with exactly similar apparatus to the Wall Set (Code No. 100) excepting that the Transmitter, which, in our Code No. 120 specified below, is fixed directly to the front of the Cabinet.

Closed View
Open for Inspection

In Code No. 122 the Transmitter is fixed to an adjustable arm which permits the former to be raised or lowered to suit the varying stature of the user.

Fig. 107 and Fig. 108 set out the Circuit Diagram and overall dimensions respectively.

Fixed Transmitter
Code No. 120
Approximate Weight, 5-lbs. 4-oz.

Adjustable Transmitter
Code No. 122
Approximate Weight, 5-lbs. 10-oz.

Fig. 107 Circuit Diagram


Central Battery Residence Set

For service in the tropics this telephone is made in solid teak, and the apparatus and wiring of the set is prepared in a similar fashion to the wall set Code No. 101.

The circuits are as in Fig. 107, and the general appearance of the telephone remains the same as Figs. 105 and 106.

Fixed Transmitter
Code No. 121
Approximate Weight, 5-lbs. 4-ozs.

Adjustable Transmitter
Code No. 123

Approximate Weight, 5-lbs. 10-ozs.

Fig. 108 Overall dimensions of Residential Sets


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 2 - dated 1911

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