Conversation Pieces were a Cheltenham based company that produced reproduction telephones.  Their product sheet is included for identification purposes.  They no longer trade, but spares may be available from Telephone Lines.

Conversation Pieces Candlestick range
These telephones, based on the BPO Telephone 150 design, deserve inclusion here since they were first introduced in the 1980s, making them near antiques in their own right, and also on account of the statement that part of the tooling used to create the metalwork was originally used to make the Telephone 150.  Be that as it may, the company introduced four models with dials, PST line cords (in black PVC) and ‘green circle’ approval for connection to the public network.


  • 1001   solid brass
  • 1002   black and brass
  • 1003   black and chrome
  • 1004   bright chrome

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Last revised: April 29, 2020