Receivers, Watch No. 1B

Used on Hooks, Receiver E on switchboard positions, Hooks Receiver H on wall telephones, or Hooks Receiver D on Telephones No 2 or 4.

Resistance is 150 ohms.

Also used for testing purposes in which case is was supplied in a leather pouch and without the suspension loop.

Uses Earpiece No. 2 and Diaphragm No. 12 (1928 and 1946 Rate Books).

Superseded by Receivers, Watch No. 6.


Receivers, Watch No. 2B

Used for testing purposes.

Uses Earpiece No. 2 or 13 and Diaphragm No. 12.

Superseded by Receivers, Watch No. 1B with suspension loop removed.

Receivers, Watch No. 3D

Used on Transmitters, Fire Alarm No's 5, 6 or 7.
10 ohm resistance.

Earpiece No. 10.
Diaphragm No. 12.
Cord, Inst, No. 2/33B 7.75".

Has a ring on back.

Supersedes Receiver, Collier Marr.


Receivers, Watch No. 4

Used on London Fire Brigade Fire Alarm Systems.
10 ohm resistance.

1 x Earpiece No. 10.
1 x Diaphragm No. 12.
1 x Key-plug and Cord, "Brown".

No. 4D came complete with leather case.


Receivers, Watch No. 5

Unknown use.


Receivers, Watch No. 6

Bakelite cased Receiver Watch for use on 200 and 300 type telephones..

Available in the colours - Black, Chinese Red, Ivory and Jade Green.

Loop is Part No. 2/SL0/1.
Cord is Cord, Inst., No; 2/22B (Colour), 33".

Superseded by Receivers, Watch, No. 7P.

Shown in 1946 Rate Book but not in the 1956 book.

Receivers, Watch No. 7P

Steel cased Receiver Watch.

Used on Telephones No's 232 and 332.
Fitted with Cord, Inst. No. 2/22B (colour) 33" and Earpiece No. 22.

Requires Hook, Receiver L (for Telephone No. 232), T...., X (for Telephone No. 332) or Y.....

Available in the colours - Black, Chinese Red, Ivory and Jade Green.

Siemens Brothers code - Receiver No. 60A

Receivers, Watch No. 8T

Used on 700 type Telephones.
Fitted with Cord, Inst. No 2/145AK (colour) 7 inch.

Supplied in Ivory, Black or Grey.

Requires Hook, Receiver AG (for Telephones 706 and 710), AH (for Telephones 711) or AK for (Telephones 740 and 746).

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