Receivers, Watch No. 1B

Used on Hooks, Receiver E on switchboard positions, Hooks Receiver H on wall telephones, or Hooks Receiver D on Telephones No 2 or 4.

Resistance is 150 ohms.

Also used for testing purposes in which case is was supplied in a leather pouch and without the suspension loop.

Uses Earpiece No. 2 and Diaphragm No. 12 (1928 and 1946 Rate Books).

Superseded by Receivers, Watch No. 6.

Drawing - 8853.


Receivers, Watch No. 2B

Used for testing purposes.

Uses Earpiece No. 2 or 13 and Diaphragm No. 12.

Superseded by Receivers, Watch No. 1B with suspension loop removed.

Receivers, Watch No. 3D

Used on Transmitters, Fire Alarm No's 5, 6 or 7.
10 ohm resistance.

Earpiece No. 10.
Diaphragm No. 12.
Cord, Inst, No. 2/33B 7.75".

Has a ring on back.

Supersedes Receiver, Collier Marr.


Receivers, Watch No. 4

Used on London Fire Brigade Fire Alarm Systems.
10 ohm resistance.

1 x Earpiece No. 10.
1 x Diaphragm No. 12.
1 x Key-plug and Cord, "Brown".

No. 4D came complete with leather case.


Receivers, Watch No. 5

Unknown use.


Receivers, Watch No. 6

Bakelite cased Receiver Watch for use on 200 and 300 type telephones.

Available in the colours - Black, Chinese Red, Ivory and Jade Green.

Loop is Part No. 2/SL0/1.
Cord is Cord, Inst., No; 2/22B (Colour), 33".

Superseded by Receivers, Watch, No. 7P.

Shown in 1946 Rate Book but not in the 1956 book.

Drawing - 60336.

Receivers, Watch No. 7P

Steel cased Receiver Watch.

Used on Telephones No's 232 and 332.
Fitted with Cord, Instrument No. 2/22B (colour) 33" and Earpiece No. 22.

Requires Hook, Receiver L (for Telephone No. 232), T...., X (for Telephone No. 332) or Y.....

Available in the colours - Black, Chinese Red, Ivory and Jade Green.

Siemens Brothers code - Receiver No. 60A.

Drawing - 63174.

Specification - S258.

Receivers, Watch No. 8T

Used on 700 type Telephones.
Fitted with Cord, Inst. No 2/145AK (colour) 7 inch.

Supplied in Ivory, Black or Grey.

Requires Hook, Receiver AG (for Telephones 706 and 710), AH (for Telephones 711) or AK for (Telephones 740 and 746).

Drawing - 91784.

Specification - S757.

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