These are both software used for programming a Hicom 110, 120, 125 & 130 from a PC.

PCSAT is used for Hicom 110 & 120 and PCSATDIG is used for Hicom 125 & 130.

PCSAT - Copy all files of the programme into a directory of any name.
PCSATDIG - Unzip into a directory and run INSTALL.EXE

Using the software
To run in English - go to the installation directory and type PCSAT GBR or PCSATDIG GBR depending on the software.

For other languages type PCSAT or PCSATDIG, the programme will advise on the languages and tell you the countries and languages supported.  Then type PCSAT "country code" "language code"

Password = sysupdate

Baud rate at default is 9600. Systems without printers attached will still be at 9600.  If a printer is attached to the system then either set the programme to the same baud as the printer or change the system baud rate to 9600 from the first extension.

On new systems or systems with a replacement CCU, the system must be defaulted from the first extension before any programming is done.


  1. Download the system to the PC
  2. Edit the system
  3. Save to disc or hard drive
  4. Upload changes to system

The escape key is the backup key.

Click on the icon to download the UK version of PCSAT Click on the icon to download the International version of PCSAT Click on the icon to download the UK version of PCSATDIG


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Last revised: December 18, 2010