C.B. wall telephone with no writing desk.

Introduced circa 1926.

Wooden-cased central battery wall telephone which was an earlier form of Telephone No. 121 but with no provision for dial.

A notice frame was fitted below the transmitter.

Supersedes the Telephone No. 1.

Superseded by the Telephone No. 221.

Fitted with a Hook, Receiver, F.

Telephone includes (1928):-
1 x Bell No. 1A, unmounted.
1 x Bracket, Transmitter No. 2, complete.
1 x Coil, Induction No. 4 or No. 14.
1 x Condenser, M.C. No. 30.
2 x Cords, Instrument No. 116.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 222.
1 x Frame, Notice No. 1.
1 x Glass No. 3.
1 x Hook, Receiver F.
1 x Switch, Receiver No. 2.
1 x Transmitter No. 1.
1 x Receiver, Bell No. 1A.

To be requisitioned separately when required :-
1 x Desk No. 4.

Circuit Diagram - C.B. 1338.

Circuit Diagram - N201.

Telephone No. 101 experiment for Billingsgate Market
Dated 1925

Not sure if this got past the experimental stage but in 1936 the Telephone No. 152 was introduced which was fitted in the market.


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