Single button telephone similar to Telephone No. 706 except that the cover is retained by one fixing screw at rear of case, and the circuit board is reduced in size, with smaller components fitted.

The prototype was approved in September 1964 and supplied in Grey and Ivory colours.

This was a trial telephone (SW 2067) which turned into the Telephone No. 746 on general release.  Board approval for the Telephone No. 746 was given in October 1966, which retained the field trial circuit board but included a sealed switch instead of the open style spring set.

In June 1964 the Subscribers Apparatus Group intended to go to field trail in the North Eastern Region, with 5000 ivory and 5000 grey coloured models.

Why the change - probably to reduce the weight, reduce the production costs and facilitate the introduction of smaller electrical components.  The introduction of an integral handle was also considered and one design shows a handled moulded into the casing like the Telephone No. 746.

The phone was produced by AEI.

In 1965, Automatic Electric Laboratories (AEL) went to court over patent infringement.  This was with respect to the carrying handle and handset "Walk on".  The GPO Engineering Department then modified the handle to avoid any original or newly disputed patent claims.

Circuit diagram - N836.

The case looks like a 706 case but has a rear fixing screw and an integral handle, whilst the chassis still only has provision for one 706 type optional switch.
Picture dated 1966
Circuit board is nearly identical to the 746 except for the hook switch which is a sealed unit on the 746 and the Thermistor which is a single unit.
The dial cord is connected to the circuit board by plug ended cordage.
Picture dated 1965
Telephone No. 706 on left with Telephone No. 736 on right
New circuit board with size reduced components
Picture dated 1965
Number ring fixings
New style switch hook springs
Gravity switch hook return spring
Field trial telephone - looks like a 706 but it is actually a 736
Case Fixing screw is moved to rear
Still no handle unlike the later variants


Additional information

Tele 736LMk 1yy 2/68 


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