Transmitter Inset No. 3

Early transmitter used in Telephone No. 28 and others.

Transmitter Inset No. 10

Carbon granule transmitter introduced in the early 1930's and used in all Bakelite handsets, later Candlesticks and some early 700 types.

Superseded by Transmitter No. 13.

Transmitter Inset No. 13

Carbon granule transmitter used in all Bakelite handsets and some early 700 types.

Superseded by the Transmitter Inset No. 16 for 700 type telephones.

Ericsson Code No. 7752

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Transmitter Inset No. 15

Carbon granule transmitter used in Trimphone models and headsets.

The rubber grommet on the front is removed when used in Trimphones, but retained when used with Headset No. 1 and 2.

Transmitter Inset No. 16

Carbon granule transmitter in general use from around 1960.  

Transmitter Inset No. 16 was originally fitted to all 700 type telephones.

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Superseded by Transmitter No. 21.


Transmitter Inset No. 21A

Superseded Transmitter Inset No. 16.  These transmitters were electronic and need line current to operate.

No. 21B was introduced at the end of 1982 and incorporated RFI suppression circuitry.

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