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Make Commer
Model PB
Type 15 cwt - Area Planning and General Purpose Vehicle Type 5
Body Builder  
Use Planning and General Purpose
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture Circa 1978

The Area General Planning & Vehicle Purpose (AP/GP)
Taken from External Plant News - No. 47 April 1978

A revised design of the Area Planning and General Purpose vehicle will he introduced during 1978, based on the 15 cwt Stores Carrying type of vehicle, with a three-seat cab, a cab bulkhead and a side door to the body. The design is based on the requirements of its primary users - Area Planning and Survey Parties, Housing Estate Liaison Officers (HELO) and Precision Testing Officers (PTOs).

A second bulkhead halves the body area into a forward "office", and a stores and plant area at the rear. This bulkhead can be removed to facilitate full access to the interior as in PTO usage. Full length three tier shelving is fitted to the offside, and the uppermost shelf is hinged to allow larger items to be stowed on the second tier. Plastic stowage pipes for Hoses No. 2A are located within and above this shelving. Two short shelves and a tool board for manhole cover lifting keys straddle the nearside rear wheel arch. The rear doors are panelled and fitted with brackets to accept box keys.

The "office'" is fitted with a folding table and print bins against the cab headbulk, a storage box with an upholstered lid to provide seating, and a Propane Gas and Stoves Propane stowage point. THE STOVE MUST NOT BE USED INSIDE THE VEHICLE. Illumination is provided by a roof light and fluorescent fitting.

A TI will be issued in due course with a recommended layout for users and an early modification will be the availability of a Duct No 56 roof stowage arrangement for HELO duties.

The photographs feature a pre-production model.

The stores and plant area

The forward office area

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