GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model J2
Type Personnel Carrier, Type 1
Body Builder  
Use 13 seat (Longitudinal) Minibus (petrol)
Registration Number 928 GPO
Fleet Number Ranges 18340 to 18355 (829 - 844 CLB) 1961
18592 to 18601 (807 - 816 DXV) 1962
18731 to 18737 (615 - 621 EXU) 1962
18783 to 18812 (954 - 983 EXU) 1962
19023 to 19033 (919 - 929 GPO) 1963
202074 (PMG 515E) 1967 (M16 Diesel)
202293 (NYV 826E) 1967 (Black)
Date of picture November 1963

General description and facilities
This vehicle is a commercial forward control van fitted with side windows, interior lighting and tip-up seating in the body. Two seats are provided in the vehicle cab to accommodate one passenger and a driver; additional seats, arranged longitudinally in the vehicle body, provide accommodation for a further ten passengers. Access to the vehicle body is provided by a single rear door. The vehicle is provided on a supernumerary basis and, because of its expense, it should not be used or requisitioned unless there is a clear economic advantage in doing so, e.g. it could be used with advantage on projects at Outstations where, once the heavy engineering vehicles are on site, the daily transportation of personnel in a single vehicle to and from the outstation would be more economical than the use of separate vehicles.

The tip-up seats enable the vehicle to be used as a light stores carrier when it, is not being used to its full seating capacity. The combined load of personnel and stores must not exceed 19 cwt. The stores should be securely stowed with no sharp projections and not impede the movement of passengers entering or leaving the vehicle.


All these vehicles had longitudinal seating except for range 18783 to 18812 which had transverse seating (9 persons)

POEEJ Article - 1964


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