GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model J2
Type 15 cwt Utility Vehicle Type 1 (Morris)
Body Builder Diesel
Use Utility
Registration Number YXF 46
Fleet Number Range U82561 (YXF 46) 1960 (Prototype)
U83430 to U83980 (152 - 702 ALK) 1960
U86176 to U86200 (647 - 671 BXY) 1961
U86202 to U86515 (684 - 997 BXY) 1961
U86965 to U87177 (468 - 680 CLB) 1961
U88293 to U88312 (980 - 999 DXV) 1962
Date of picture 1960

General description and facilities
This vehicle is a commercial forward control van with a raised translucent body roof to improve the interior daylight penetration. Double rear doors provide access to the vehicle body which is equipped internally with fixed light-alloy racking. A centrally-mounted roof ladder rack will accommodate a 2-section extension ladder (closed length 14 ft.) and the off-side internal racking will accommodate a 3-section ladder. The vehicle is intended for the use of one or two-man parties who require to carry between 5 cwt. and 15 cwt. of stores and tools, e.g. installation parties or construction jointers. The towing capacity of this vehicle is sufficient for towing a trailer tool cart.
On no account may these vehicles be used to carry more than two men.


This vehicle had a GPO specification of double glass-fibre rear doors, glass-fibre roof and a special ladder rack.


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Last revised: February 04, 2021