TELEPHONE No's N1165 - N1183

Battery Ringing Wall Telephones (used for railway signalling purposes)

All have the handset or receiver fitted on the left hand side of the case and the bells are DC type.

Normally used where call exchange and code ringing facilities are required.

Click here for the Ericsson Bulletin Article on Battery Ringing Telephones

Code No. No. of Buttons Position of Button Position of Bell Introduced Type of handset Customer
N1165 1 Front Bottom 1933 Bakelite GWR
N1166 1 Front Bottom 1932 Fixed Trans GWR
N1167 2 Front Bottom 1932 Fixed Trans GWR
N1168 1 three pos switch Front Bottom 1932 Fixed Trans Southern railway
N1169 1 Side Bottom 1933 Fixed Trans LM & S
N1170 1 Side Bottom 1932 Fixed Trans LM & S
N1171 1 Side None 1932 Fixed Trans
N1172 2 Front Bottom Fixed Trans
N1173 1 Side Bottom 1934 Bakelite
N1174 1 Side Bottom 1940 Bakelite LNE
N1176 2 Front Bottom 1939 Fixed Trans GWR
N1177 2 Front Bottom 1940 Bakelite GWR
N1178 1 Front Bottom Bakelite GWR
N1179 1 three pos switch Front Bottom 1945 Bakelite
N1180 - - Top Fixed Trans RSC 1002
N1181 4 Front Bottom Bakelite BR 1002 type
N1182 2 Front Bottom 1948 Bakelite BR 1001 type
N1183 1 Front Bottom 1953 Bakelite BR 1004 type

N1165 - N1169 are of a similar design to N1170






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Last revised: December 26, 2023