TELEPHONE No's N1170 & N1172

Battery Ringing Wall Telephones
for Railway Work
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N1170 N1172

The battery ringing type of telephone is preferred by most railway companies, so that these instruments are specially designed for simplicity, efficiency and durability in such service.

This set is very suitable for long lines and short lines where the insulation is low.

It is fitted with a relay which operates with weak currents and automatically connects a local circuit for ringing the bell.

Separate speaking and ringing battery circuits.
Double pole "Bell" receiver N6801
Receiver cord N4060
Solid back transmitter N7701
Bell: 100 ohms
Relay: 1000 ohms
Induction coil
Enclosed terminals
Press-button for signalling
Carbon lightning arrester

Overall dimensions 12 x 7.25 x 6.75 inches
Weight 7.25 lb.

Click here for Blueprint picture of N1170C

These telephones require a power source for the transmitter.  Batteries were used and these would have been 3 volts and connected to MC (positive) and MZ (negative).

This phone cannot be connected to your normal exchange line as the bell will not ring and the transmitter requires batteries.

These phones were in use on the L.N.E.R Eastern Area in 1934.

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Last revised: September 15, 2022