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Cat. No. 175 shown above

Table or Wall Pattern

The standard GECoPHONE subscriber's set for use on manually operated central battery systems and the corresponding automatic type (No's 75 and 85) are similar in all respects except that in the former an instruction card holder replaces the dial.  With this instrument a separate bell set is not required, the ringer, together with the induction coil and condenser, being contained in the moulded Bakelite pedestal.

Outstanding features of the set are its high transmission efficiency and the inclusion of an improved device for the elimination of excessive side tone.  Reliability is assured by the use of materials of the highest quality throughout and the simplicity of design of the component parts.  Both transmitter and receiver, being of the inset type, can be readily removed and easy access to the interior of the pedestal is obtained by the withdrawal of only four screws which secure the base.

To convert this instrument for use on automatic systems it is necessary only to remove the instruction card holder and add a dial and cord.

The wall set (Cat. No. 185) includes a black enamelled metal bracket (991), for mounting the telephone, but a terminal strip and cord, as supplied with the table set, are not included since the permanent wiring may be run directly to the instrument. In all other respects the two sets listed below are identical.

Cat. No. Description
175 C.B. Table Telephone
185 C.B. Wall Telephone
991 Wall bracket only

Dimensions - 9 x 6.3 x 5.6 ins

Taken from the GEC Telephones and Switchboards (Manual and Automatic) Catalogue No. 11 (Circa 1936)

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Last revised: January 10, 2023