Bakelite table telephone introduced in 1936 and used with a  Bellset No. 36 on BCC No. 14D and BCC No. 14E in UAX No's 5 & 6 (Automatic) exchange areas.

Fitted with Dial, Automatic No. 11 or 22 and did not have a base fitted when supplied from the stores.  The base was fitted locally and was dependant on the installation.

The Bellset contained the Induction Coil, Capacitor and Bell Ringer.

Only produced in the colour black.

See also Telephone No. 238 for Automatic and C.B. Manual circuits.

There was a Mark 1 and Mark 2.  The difference was that the Mark 1 used a Telephone No. 164 (Mk 1) whilst the Mark 2 used a Telephone No. 164 (Mk 2).

Terminal nuts are 4BA (Part No. 1/SNU/51).

The frame that supports the switch hooks, also has terminals and contact springs attached.  The contact springs came with either one contact or two contacts per spring. This telephone could use either - the parts numbers are as follows:-
Frame - Part No. 1/SSW/10 - one contact per spring (Springset Part No. 1/SSP/703).
Frame - Part No. 2/SSW/10 - two contacts per spring (Springset Part No. 1/SSP/704).

Telephone includes (1946):-
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 6/13E, 8".
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 8/05M, 30".
1 x Dial, Automatic S.S., No. 11FA (1946) or Dial, Auto, No 13FA (1956).
1 x Part No. 1/SCR/1 Black.
1 x Part No. 2/SCU/1.
1 x Part No. 1/SPL/321 Black.
1 x Part No. 3/SSP/513.
1 x Part No. 1/SSW/10.
2 x Part No. 1/SWA/72.
1 x Telephone No. 164, Black, with Cord 3/63KB, 33".

To be requisitioned separately when required:-
1 x Base, Telephone No. 1/162, Black [when used with a Bracket, Telephone, No. 14, Black, or with handset telephone (requiring separate bell-set) and a coin box].
1 x Bell-set No. 36.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 8/06B, Brown, 54".
1 x Label No. 160 ...
1 x Part No. 1/SBA/1 (when used with Wallboard, D 60577).
1 x Part No. 1/SBA/2 (when used with Bracket, Telephone, No. 12).

Circuit Diagram - N342.

Drawings - 9510 (Mk 1) and 62853 (Mk 2 & 3).

Specification - S108.

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