Bakelite table telephone for use with Bellset No's 33, 35 & 40 on coin box circuits in Manual CB and Auto areas.

Supplied without a base or dial as different types of bases & dials could be fitted depending on the type of call office.

No induction coil was fitted to these phones, the associated Bellset has the induction coil instead.

Late telephones, repaired at the PO factory were fitted with cloth covered handset cords (as shown).

Circuit diagram - N338.

General information on 200 type telephones

Collectors Information - what to look for

How to restore Bakelite

How to dismantle a 200 type telephone

The insides of a Telephone No. 238.
Effectively just a terminal block connected to the switch hook springs.
The dial was fitted on installation - note that this is a Dial No. 11 with the additional
springset (shown to the right of the dial).

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Last revised: December 01, 2018