Introduced in 1954 this Bakelite cased, table telephone was used with Bellset No. 45 on Pre-payment Coin Boxes in Automatic exchange areas.

The telephone was supplied without a base plate.

The Bellset facilitated relay control of operator recall and also contained the active components for transmission.

Judging by the introduction date there was most probably no Mark 1.  The Dial, Automatic No. 13LA was replaced with the Dial, Automatic No. 20LA in 1961.

Telephone No, 264F was fitted with a Dial, Automatic No. 13FA, whilst the Telephone  No. 264L was fitted with a Dial, Automatic No. 20LA.

The frame, Part No. 1/DSW/16, that supports the switch hooks also has terminals and contact springs attached.  The contact springs on this telephone have two contacts per spring (Springset Part No. 1/SSP/704).

The handset is a Telephone No. 164 (Mark 2).

Telephone includes:-
1 x Part No. 1/SCR/1, Black.
1 x Part No. 2/SCU/1.
1 x Part No. 3/SSP/513.
1 x Part No. 1/DSW/16.
1 x Part No. 1/SPL/321, Black.
2 x Part No. 1/SWA/72.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 5/21E 3".
1 x Telephone No. 164, Black with Cord 3/99BN, 26".
1 x Dial, Automatic No.13FA or Dial, Automatic No.13LA or Dial, Automatic No.20LA.

Circuit diagram - N364.

Drawing - 90547 (Mark 2).

Specification - S78.

General information on 200 type telephones

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How to dismantle a 200 type telephone

Internal view - Note the additional terminals added within the telephone


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