Antwerp style Telephone - Models 27186, 2724, 2725 and 2731
Golfball style Candlestick
Bakelite 300 style - Model 2749 and 2849
Telephone with rounded front and big handle - Kettle Phone - YA / RTT56 / U56

20 Line electronic PAX

This is mainly a UK oriented site, but some BTMC telephones and equipment is found in the UK, so these are included here. 

Click here for a site that does BTMC.

RTT was formed in 1930 by the Belgian government and changed its name to Belgacom in 1991.

The Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company (BTMC) was founded as a base from which Europe could be covered for the Bell Telephone Company, later to become the Western Electric Company (Standard Electric) and then ITT.

STC supplied and manufactured many of these telephone in the UK - Click here for the STC telephone menu.

Antwerp telephones produced by STC can be easily identified as they have engraved lines moulded into the 'ears' of the cradle, making them look rather like cats paws.

List of BTMC Offices worldwide



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Last revised: November 18, 2023